Cooper’s Hawk Pair

Today looked like the first of June – a hot, clear, sunny day with a deep blue sky and gleaming big white cumulous clouds – and felt like it, with afternoon temperatures in the 90s. Late in the morning as I was walking, a pair of Cooper’s Hawks flew over together just above treetop level. They were a handsome sight against the sunny blue sky, with ruddy breast, wide bands in the long, narrow, slightly rounded tail, white tip at the end of the tail, and intricate dark and white patterns in the wings. But they were most remarkable for the significant difference in their size. The male looked small and compact next to the much larger female, though he, too, showed the same shape and plumage, and flew with the sturdy, rather heavy flapping characteristic of a Cooper’s Hawk.

2 Responses to “Cooper’s Hawk Pair”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That sounds beautiful. Are those in any of the pictures that pops took?


  2. Sigrid Sanders says:

    No, unfortunately Pops was not there to see the Cooper's Hawks. I wish he had been!

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