Most of the birding notes here are observations I’ve made around our home in Summit Grove, a small neighborhood in Oconee County, Georgia, about an hour’s drive east of Atlanta. Located between two creeks that converge not far from our house, the neighborhood is buffered on roughly three sides by a wide band of woods extending down steep hillsides to the creeks. A few lots remain unoccupied and have grown up in grasses, shrubs and young trees, and there’s one small pond. There’s also a large old field that runs the length of the dead-end road that leads to the subdivision, and beyond the field is a busy highway, U.S. 441. The neighborhood’s mix of woods, fields, creeks, and shady lawns attracts many bird species, as well as other forms of wildlife. We’ve identified at least 102 species of birds, including both residents and those just passing through.

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