Gray Tree Frog

One afternoon in late April, we found this Gray Tree Frog in a folded deck chair. We moved it into the shelter of a large hydrangea plant in a pot, in a corner close to the white oaks that shade the deck. I’d been hearing the song of the frog for several days but had not thought to look for it.

The habitat of a Gray Tree Frog is said to be woods, swamps and back yards with trees. Its color is subject to variation, and can change from gray to green. This one was a very pretty, clear gray, with paler gray around its cheek, bordered in black. The light spot under the eye is characteristic. The song is a musical, chirping trill, and for at least a couple of weeks, into the first half of May, we continued to hear it sing now and then – especially in the evenings or when it was cloudy or had rained. I don’t think we’ve heard it singing nearby in the past week or two, though Gray Tree Frogs may sing through much of the summer, and hope it just moved away, maybe into the nearby oaks.

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