American Redstart and Bluebirds Feeding Babies

The bird of the day this morning was a brilliant male American Redstart that spent some time in the low branches around our front yard and even took one quick dip into the bird bath. His coal-black head and body were marked with orange wing-bars, flanks and tail-band, which he showed off by flaring his tail, and a white belly. He stayed in clear view and fairly close to me for several minutes, not at all shy, but never still for long, constantly moving.

I don’t know why, but he made me think of a cartoon bird – maybe because he was so boldly marked and colorful, and so animated, and because he gave me such a great close-up view.

It was another warm, breezy day, half-cloudy, half-sunny, with lots of bird song and activity. Both Bluebird parents made frequent trips in and out of the birdhouse. I think our pair has been a little later in nesting than others in the area.

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