Early Morning Birdsong – Prelude to Spring

At dawn this morning, first light, a fog of faint pink and orange spread over the southeastern sky. A Carolina Wren was the first bird to sing, followed soon by the blurry notes of an Eastern Bluebird. A Tufted Titmouse whistled peter-peter-peter, and an Eastern Phoebe swished its raspy song. American Crows cawed. A Northern Cardinal’s clear, colorful What-cheer, what cheer; birdy, birdy, birdy rang like a morning wake-up call. The honking of Canada Geese came and went as a small group flew over. A Pine Warbler’s sweet, gentle, but insistent trill moved through the edges of the woods.

There aren’t a great number of morning singers yet, but with the bedroom windows open to soft, damp, spring-like air, and the foggy light of a day that promises rain, it felt like a prelude to Spring.

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