Palm Warbler

Late this morning I was close to home near the end of a walk, and my thoughts had begun to drift away, thinking ahead to a list of things to do today, when a small bird flew into a pecan tree, perched on a branch, and began vigorously twitching its tail. When I stopped to take a closer look, I saw a sunny-yellow bird with a rusty-red crown. A Palm Warbler. 

The day was clear, sunny and chilly, with gentle light that made the view of the little bird very clear – though only for a few moments before it flew again. A Palm Warbler is a diminutive bird that looks yellow all over, more brownish yellow on the back and brighter yellow on its throat and breast. It has a bright rust-red cap and rusty streaks on the breast, and a yellow stripe over the eye. It’s known for its characteristic habit of almost constantly wagging its tail. We only see Palm Warblers here during migration, as they move between their winter homes further south, and their breeding range, which is mostly in Canada. 

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