Bluets and Violets

Spring seems to be coming early this year, still an occasional frosty morning, but enough warm days to begin to bring out colors. Today has been a glorious spring-like day with birds singing and many flowering trees and shrubs already in bloom – Bradford pear trees, white-blooming spirea, yellow forsythia; and Lenten roses still blooming too, along with a few late daffodils. 

Eastern Bluebirds have begun to claim nest boxes – we’re pretty sure there are pairs in three nest boxes around the yard. And I’m especially happy that Eastern Phoebes have begun a nest in a corner over our garage for the first time in several years. 

Tiny bluets and sunny yellow dandelions have appeared in grassy yards and along the roadside, and in some few places violets are blooming among lush green clover, the violets deep purple and pale purple-gray. 

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