Wood Thrush

Early this morning a Wood Thrush was singing in the woods just around the corner, not far from a creek. I’ve rarely heard their song this summer, so the beautiful fluted notes drifting out of the dark green trees felt like a gift.

The morning was fresh and cool, with a blue and white sky. A Northern Parula sang from trees around our house, a Scarlet Tanager from its usual territory in the treetops of the woods across the street, and a Summer Tanager from deeper in the woods, pretty far away. A Red-eyed Vireo gave its nasal, complaining call. A Chipping Sparrow sang a long, light, level trill from the top of a very small pine. A Ruby-throated Hummingbird zipped over my head into a thicket of shrubs.

A Great-crested Flycatcher – with lemon-yellow belly, long cinnamon tail and gray head with crest erect – perched in a tall tulip poplar and called breet. It was answered by another – and another, all close together. At least four Great-crested Flycatchers called back and forth to each other and moved around in the leaves of the tulip poplar and some oaks.

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