Wood Thrush and Eastern Wood-Pewee

This morning – a rare cool summer morning, with temperatures in the mid 60s and the air feeling fresh and clean – two Wood Thrushes sang in the same low area of woods around a creek from where I heard one sing a few days ago. A quiet Black-and-white Warbler crept over the limbs of a large pecan tree nearby, on the edge of a thicket, and a Northern Parula was hidden somewhere in the foliage of the same tree, singing.

By 8:30 or so, the sun had already climbed well up into a soft blue sky with patches of broken white clouds rippling out like fish scales, turned by the sunlight into an amazing iridescent array of aqua-green, mauve, pink and salmon. Not quite a rainbow, but the aqua-green color, in particular, was very unusual and pretty.

Birds were more active and vocal than usual lately throughout the neighborhood – just on a morning walk I counted 28 species, even though some of the most common were missing – but the biggest surprise was an Eastern Wood-Pewee, singing its full, languid pee-a-wee – WHEE-ooo song from a small group of trees.

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