A Missing Nest

One of the places we visited each day on Kiawah March 8-11 was the site of an Osprey nest in a pine, where last year a Great Horned Owl had taken over the nest in March, but the Ospreys returned in June. This time we were sorry to find the nest gone – but a pair of Ospreys perched in the tree where it had been. A few remains of the nest could be seen on one branch, but the large bulk of it was gone, maybe fallen in a storm. The Osprey pair seemed distressed that it wasn’t there and uncertain of what to do.

While we were there, we watched as one flew in several times with a branch and tried to find a spot for it, presumably trying to start a new nest. They didn’t have any luck on the few days we were there. Each time, the Osprey bringing a stick flew in with it, sometimes perched, tried it out in different spots, then flew away with it again, giving up for the time.

I’ve so far been unable to reach anyone with the Kiawah Island Nature Program, but I hope to find out more about what happened to the nest – and whether or not this pair can start a new one this year.

The first four photos here show the Ospreys March 8 of this year, perched in the tree and bringing a stick to the spot where the nest used to be, and one Osprey in flight. The Great Horned Owl sits in the old nest in March of last year; and the last photo shows an Osprey bringing a stick to the old nest last year in June. CLICK on each photo to see it larger.

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