Red-eyed Vireo and Louisiana Waterthrush

This morning at first light, I was awakened by the surprising song of a Louisiana Waterthrush in the oaks right outside our bedroom windows – three brightly whistled notes followed by a tumble of warbled chirps. A plump, lively warbler with brown back and crown, white stripe over the eye, white breast streaked with brown, and a song that sounds to me like the anthem of spring – a Louisiana Waterthrush has been here since mid March but usually stays pretty close to the creek and its banks, wagging its tail, walking and hopping over rocks and logs and poking into crevices.

Last weekend I took a walk along the creek, and heard a waterthrush downstream giving its loud spick! call repeatedly. Finally it came flying low and fast up along the creek and past me, still calling sharply. It seems unusual for one to come so far up the wooded hill to sing as it did this morning – but a very nice way to start the day.

Also over the weekend, on Sunday, our first Red-eyed Vireo of the season sang in the woods, not close, but very clearly. It has stayed around and continues to sing today.

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