Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Acadian Flycatcher and Wood Thrush

In the band of woods that encircles our neighborhood, running along two creeks that converge, the songs or calls of Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Acadian Flycatcher, Wood Thrush, Louisiana Waterthrush, Northern Parula and Black-and-white Warbler also can be heard. There seem to be at least four Acadian Flycatchers widely spaced out along the creeks, calling sharp WHEET-sits and at least two Louisiana Waterthrush, two or three Northern Parula, one Black-and-white Warbler and two Wood Thrush. One of the Wood Thrush sings in the deepest part of the woods along a creek, and the other sings from a very unlikely area somewhere beyond the trash-littered remains of an old oak grove across the dead-end road from the field and behind another subdivision. It seems unusually open and rather dry habitat for a Wood Thrush. But there it is, morning after morning, sending up ethereal fluted music to float through the battered trees, barely audible against the noise of traffic.

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