Slip-sliding Chickadee

A small copper birdbath standing next to the leafy branches of a Savannah holly tree by our front porch is a popular spot with birds in our yard. This morning a Carolina Chickadee came for a drink – but apparently didn’t want to get its feet wet. From a branch of the holly, it flitted to the rim of the birdbath and leaned over – and over, and over. There was only a small amount of water in the birdbath, and it wasn’t close enough for the Chickadee to reach, until it had tipped almost upside down.

Then it all seemed to happen at once, in less than a second. The Chickadee’s feet slipped down the sloping side of the birdbath, his head bobbed down, his beak touched the surface of the water just long enough for a quick sip, and he flew immediately back to the shelter of the holly, where he shook off, fluttering his wings. After about half a minute, he repeated the whole thing – perching on the rim, leaning over to the tipping point, sliding down the side until he barely touched the water with his beak – then flying quickly back to the tree. He did this at least six times, slip-sliding his way to several sips of water.

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