Black-and-white Warbler and Eastern Wood-Pewee

About 9:30 this morning – a sunny, warm and very pleasant day – a Black-and-white Warbler came through the oaks and pecans around our house. One of the most aptly-named birds, a Black-and-white Warbler is small and patterned in a neat, crisp blend of black and white stripes. Its way of creeping over the bark of trunks and branches, searching for insects, is so distinctive, you almost don’t need binoculars to know what it is – but with them I had a very clear view and watched it for five minutes or so before it got lost in the foliage of trees on the edge of the yard.

At the same time, an Eastern Wood-Pewee was singing its full summer song from the woods across the street, over and over again. Pee-a-wee – WHEE-ooo. A very sweet and summery song. But I haven’t heard one singing in the neighborhood this summer until now, so I think this is one more little bird on the move already, as fall migration gets underway.

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